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Top Rated Fire Smoke Detectors

First Alert SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor with Escape Light
First Alert

Featuring state-of-the-art technology that provides you and your family with an early warning of household fire, the First Alert SA720CN Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm with Escape Light is an effective device designed to be the first line of defense in your household’s fire-safety plan.

Customer Reviews
  • “I have not had a house fire, but I am positive that this detector will warn my family and keep us safe!” – Robert T. Kneer
  • “I found it very easy to install.” – Susan
  • “Great smoke alarm with photoelectric sensor that is more sensitive to smoke than the more typical ionization smoke detectors.” – G2Jim

Kidde i9040 Fire Sentry Battery-Operated Ionization Sensor Compact Smoke Alarm

Designed to help protect you and your family from the dangers of smoke and fire, the Kidde i9040 Fire Sentry Compact Smoke and Fire Alarm, Ionization Sensor is a compact, battery-operated unit that provides continuous protection, even during power outages.

Customer Reviews
  • “It works great, and very easy to install.” – Steven P. Garcia
  • “Lets hope I dont have to review this and say it works.” – akshatp
  • “They only have an ionization sensor so it may be a good idea to get some photoelectric alarms also.” – cheetahmikey

Kidde i12080 Hardwire Smoke Alarm with Exit Light and Battery Backup

The AC-powered, hardwired Kidde i12080 ionization smoke alarm is designed to protect you and your family from the dangers of smoke and fire. This smoke alarm’s trademarked hush feature allows you to silence nuisance alarms, while an indicator LED and test feature let you easily confirm that the alarm is working.

Customer Reviews
  • “Good product, easy to install works great, light could be brighter.” – jajfish
  • “It works great, and hopefully will never have to use in a "real life" situation.” – T. Clark
  • “It is nice to have the additional light in the event of an emergency.” – DStowe

First Alert SA710CN Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor
First Alert

Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a home fire by 50%, and that’s important because a home fire starts every 83 seconds! The faster you know about a fire, the faster you can start moving your family outside.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very easy to install , nicely designed and looks great .” – S.B.G.
  • “They’re best at detecting smouldering fires, but all fires make smoke.” – S. Kaymen
  • “The First Alert SA710 was in service for less than six months and then failed.” – IT Pro

Kidde KN-COSM-IB Hardwire Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup and Voice Warning, Interconnectable

120 volt – AC – Wire-in – Smart Hush | Kidde Combination Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm / Detector with Battery Backup & Verbal Warning (9V Battery Included)

Customer Reviews
  • “It was easy to install, and works great.” – Bob Jackman
  • “The voice warning alarm is loud and clear.” – Knowledge comes, but wisdom li…
  • “Kidde also has excellent web technical and product support if you lose your instruction books (free PDF) or have questions.” – Tomintx

First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarm - 120V AC Hardwired Photoelectric
First Alert

Model C16-0448-062, Cat. SA7010BPCN. EZ Plug.

BRK Brands 9120 Hardwire Smoke Alarm
BRK Brands

Introducing the revolutionary BRK 9120 series smoke alarms which have been redesigned from the ground up. They install faster, perform better, and are even smarter than before.

Customer Reviews
  • “Installed and working perfectly.” – Phil LaBombard
  • “I am assuming that they’ll work in a real emergency.” – Iron Drive
  • “These fit perfectly over the existing holes, base covers the entire landing zone of the prior base and 4120 wire harness connects directly with no modification.” – C. Reed


The TX Series supervised wireless smoke alarms are self-diagnostic and include an integrated Learn Mode 319.5MHz crystal transmitter. Features of the TX Series wireless smoke alarms include photoelectric technology, integral Temp 3 sounder, automatic drift compensation, replaceable optical chamber, low battery annunciation, status/sensitivity reading LED, mounting base tamper, and integrated fixed temp.

Universal Security Instruments SS-2895 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm
Universal Security Instruments

Universal Security Instruments SS-2895 – 120-Volt AC/DC photoelectric smoke and fire alarm with silence feature and battery drawerPhotoelectric smoke alarms are generally more effective at detecting, slow, smoldering fires–fires which smolder for hours before bursting into flameInterconnect up to 18 units, 12 smoke alarms maximum; when one alarm goes off all units sound their alarm.

Universal Security Instruments USI-1209 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm
Universal Security Instruments

Customer Reviews
  • “The Universal Security Instruments SS-790 fits right into the USI 1204 base plate.” – Sheila Jackson
  • “Easy to install.” – G. Holmes
  • “Pretty good deal for a replacement.” – Kevin Graham

Suggestions of the Best fire smoke detectors

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